2009 Award Winners

2009 Innovation in Education Award Winners

inspire Award

Program: The 39 Clues Project

School/District: Skyline Elementary, Solana Beach Elementary School District

Description: The 39 Clues Project is a unique 5th grade study of novels through the successful integration of a popular student series of books with emerging technologies. The project constructed a collaborative, 21st century learning experience that has achieved unparalleled student engagement, entire school involvement and a recognition and participation of authors, publishers, and editors at Scholastic Inc., the publisher of the series.

innovate Award

Program: Writing and Technology for the 21st Century

School/District: Encinitas Union School District

Description: Through a cohort model of professional development, our district provides teacher training with ongoing support that is embedded in classroom practice and fosters the development of 21st century skills in writing and technology. Students do authentic writing in a Writer’s Workshop environment while integrating technologies that provide audience and purpose for their work.

achieve Award

Program: ProgramName

School/District: Digital Media Design (DMD)

Description: Students in East County Academy of Learning (ECAL) have emotional and behavioral learning issues. Digital Media Design (DMD) was designed as a program that helps to modify student’s inappropriate behaviors using DMD as the vehicle. Students undergo a major transition in their behavioral habits, as their desire to achieve excellence requires them to adopt new learning skills and behaviors previously unknown to them.

impact Award

Program: Singin’ & Signin’

School/District: Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

Description: Singin’ & Signin’ is a revolutionary supplemental math program designed for intermediate grades. Through easily recalled childhood songs and chants, the program teaches complex concepts using accompanying signs and gestures that easily adapts to any curriculum. Singin’ & Signin’ teaches the way kids learn!

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