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What is “Supe Tank”?

The Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF) invites all superintendents in San Diego County to attend this unique event where several superintendents are given a short timeframe to share innovative programs, initiatives, and ideas that they are working on in their district. Industry partners are invited to attend, listen to the pitches, and are given a chance to hear the ideas first-hand then meet with the superintendents after the presentation.

The hope would be that school leaders and industry leaders would come together and form their own partnerships around some of the ideas presented. Think of this as a speed-dating opportunity to link schools and businesses. This program results in benefits for everyone involved and for the San Diego County community.

Supe Tank 2.0: November 1, 2022 - Superintendent Speakers

Dr. Ben Churchill
Carlsbad Unified School District
Career PathwaysFor success after high school, students need to build career awareness AND apply their learning through practical experience. Our goal is to facilitate learning about work AND to facilitate learning through work. We rely on industry partners to help students apply their learning in a supervised setting. Carlsbad Unified School District is looking for industry partners to provide experiences like student internships, apprenticeships, service learning and other work-based learning opportunities. Send emailPlay video
Mr. Joseph Clevenger
Bonsall Unified School District
The Bonsall Forward InitiativeThe Bonsall Forward Initiative increases access to STEM careers and expands future readiness for all BUSD students. Through the combination of early exposure through job shadow opportunities and incentives such as scholarships as early as 6th grade, Bonsall Unified is aiming to not simply reward students who complete high school and are prepared for college and career, but to significantly increase the number of students who fall into this category. (1) Time: Hosting a job shadow opportunity for up to 15 students for 2-3 hours. (2) Money: Contribute to providing scholarships and transportation for studentsSend emailPlay video
Ms. Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez
Fallbrook Union High School District
First First RespondersWe need to provide our staff and our students the tools to respond to emergencies. The basic first aid kit found in many classrooms is not enough for the traumatic events of today. Our staff and our students, our schools, are many times the first first responders and they need the tools to be able to respond to emergencies and save lives.The ask for potential district partners is financial and, for those that have the expertise, a partnership that would provide training.Send emailPlay video
Mr. Karl J. Mueller
Coronado Unified School District
Mental Health SupportObjective: Mental Health First Aid to all CUSD graduates by school year 2025-26.
CUSD is looking for a sponsor to support mental health awareness initiatives. The initiative includes funding to proctor a universal screener of all high school students, support tracking and responding strategically to data, and helping build capacity of district staff for sustainable tracking and monitoring of initative. Funding will also train CUSD staff in a 'train the trainer' model to promote mental health literacy and support students in earning MHFA certification.
Partner with CUSD!Send emailPlay video
Dr. Luis Rankins-Ibarra
Escondido Union School District
Medical Discoveries ProgramThrough a partnership with Palomar Health all 8th grade students get a first-hand look at the world of medicine. Students participate in a fun day of hands-on instruction to inspire career explorations. We would like to expand this opportunity by having interested students actually train to be first aid and CPR certified.We are asking for funds to pay for the certification courses for our 8th grade students by expanding our partnership with our local fire department or first responders to have students obtain first aid and CPR certification to get a jump start into the world of work.Send emailPlay video
Gina Potter, Ed.D.
San Ysidro School District
Ecosystem of Support of Concentric PartnersSan Ysidro School District is a culturally vibrant, binational community that serves one of the most vulnerable populations of students in the county of San Diego and within California. Our preschool through 8th grade learning community of 3 preschools, 5 elementary schools and 2 middle schools fosters the success of a student demographic characterized by 24% unhoused youth, almost 60% English language learners representing predominantly Spanish and 18 languages, and 75% socioeconomically disadvantages. With general obligation bond funds our district has the opportunity to build a multicultural community resource center that can provide much needed resources to students and their families in need of a centralized hub for laundry services, a food pantry, clothes, shoes, glasses, toiletries, academic tutors, after school student programs with ballet folklorico, mariachis, art, sports, and more! Our district hopes to establish an ecosystem of support with concentric partners to help fund the operational costs of the community resource center.Send emailPlay video
Dr. Mark Stevens
Borrego Springs Unified School District
Planting the seed of financial freedomBSUSD students are among the poorest in San Diego County. As part of a robust career technical education program, students will learn personal finance skills to overcome the trappings of poverty and start their journey toward financial freedom. Partners can provide "seed" money, actual money to students, to start investing for their future. $1,000 per graduating student at BSUSD.Send emailPlay video
Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D.
Chula Vista Elementary School District
World of Work: Sound StationThe mission of the CVESD Innovation and Instruction Department is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to identify and explore their personal strengths and interests and align them with potential careers in the future world of work.$20,000 for Sound Station. With your support, nearly 4,000 Chula Vista ESD students will have the opportunity to explore their strengths and interests and connect them with potential careers in the creative economy with our Sound Station.Send emailPlay video
Dr. Leighangela Brady
National School District
Value-Added World Action TeamThe Sustainable Development Goals can only be realized with strong value-added partnerships. Be one of the first businesses in San Diego to join our World Action Team. This value-added World Action Team will commit to working side by side with students to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in and around National City and within their businesses.Join our World Action Team or contribute funding which would be used to support sustainable development projects identified by the team.Send emailPlay video

Supe Tank 2.0: November 1, 2022 - Photo Gallery

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Supe Tank 1.0: April 26, 2022 - Superintendent Speakers

Dr. Ben Churchill
Carlsbad Unified School District
Mentor-Intern-Shadow-Ship!An opportunity for career-bound high school seniors to learn about the high-priority sector jobs in our area and to connect them to possible jobs after graduation.$20,000 for part-time teacher/coordinator for the program. More importantly, we need the commitment of local industry partners.Send emailPlay video
Dr. Holly McClurg
Del Mar Union School District
Kids Beyond the KitchenWe want to partner with the local industry to teach students what actual goes into running a business, having an idea, being an entrepreneur, and follow through on a business model.$15,000 to partner with an owner, CEO, or senior management of a restaurant to develop a template for a curriculum for a group of 5th graders.Send emailPlay video
Mr. Karl J. Mueller
Coronado Unified School District
Mental Health First AidHelp prioritize mental health literacy in our schools to meet the immediate needs of our students while building their capacity for future gainful employment$20,000 to facilitate mental health first aid training for all of our high school studentsSend emailPlay video
Dr. Leighangela Brady
National School District
Bring a Teacher to Work DayOpen up the doors of organizations so teachers could experience business on a first-hand basis to help teachers prepare our students for a world of work.$20,000 investment would open up the doors for 100 teachers participate in this business venture; Time to host teachers at your business.Send emailPlay video

Supe Tank 1.0: April 26, 2022 - Photo Gallery

Supe Tank: Get Involved

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