5 Tech Ways to Break the Ice

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You’re back in school with a brand new set of faces. Make your students comfortable and ready to learn with these fun technology based icebreakers.



Have each student create a presentation on Prezi introducing themselves to the rest of the class. Get them to be creative and add video and pictures to their presentations. They will learn to use a new platform and learn more about each other at the same time.



Learn the personalities of your students. Tell them to come to class ready to share their favorite (school appropriate) YouTube video with the class. You will quickly discover who your class clowns are and gain insight into the dynamism of your students.



Students can tweet to a class page a list of favorite things: movie, band, book, class, etc. Have them “like” each tweet that has a similar favorite. They will quickly see which classmates have the same kind of interests as them and this interaction could spark conversation between a couple of strangers.



Students can choose from a variety of images on the website. Have them create a storyboard and use the images to tell of an interesting event from their life. The images are fairly obscure so the students will have to use their creative thinking in order to connect the pictures to their events.


Pinterest Follow

Have each student create a vision board on Pinterest. They will create a board that shows who they are now and what they want for the future. This can include items such as likes/dislikes, colleges, and places they want to visit. Each student will present their board to the class as a way of introducing themselves and displaying their personality.


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