USS Midway Partnership

CFF provides expertise to community education institutions, such as local museums, that seek to innovate their programming with modern educational technology and to expand their instructional curriculum with relevant STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) content. 

For the last ten years, CFF has worked with the USS Midway Museum to bring innovative practices to their on-board educational programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. One such program would be the “Evacuation of Saigon” program for high school students. This program provides an unforgettable experience for students around the historic of events of April 1975: The USS Midway was off the coast of Saigon, as thousands of refugees south refuge, safety, and hope for a new life at the very end of the Vietnam War. The program includes:

  • A series of short videos explaining the U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia
  • Lesson plans designed to enrich each student’s understanding of events leading up to the final days of the Vietnam War
  • An interactive broadcast in which a Midway Educator shares the fateful events leading up to the role the USS Midway played in rescuing more than 3,000 Vietnamese refugees.

You can learn more about the this program here.

CFF is proud to work with the USS Midway Museum to bring greater innovation to education and enhance STEM learning among San Diego students.



CFF began its partnership with the USS Midway Museum ten years ago in an effort to expand the capacity of the Midway’s education program from 35,000 students per year to 50,000 and beyond. Phase I of the partnership brought teachers together to collaborate with the USS Midway Museum educators on the design of new classrooms and updated lesson plans that would rely on interactive whiteboards. Phase II involved crafting the specifications of education technology for the four new classrooms and refurbishing the existing four classrooms. Phase III involved the installation and training of Midway educators to begin using these instructional tools beginning in September 2009. Phase IV, which is ongoing, brought another group of teachers together to collaborate on the offering of lessons in History and Social Science, including the use of electronic field trips. Phases V-X have focused on building out Midway University, or its suite of on-board educational programs, and bringing it to a greater number of San Diego students.



CFF is currently in Phase XI of its partnership with the USS Midway. This phase is focused on developing new career pathways curriculum for 7th-9th grade students that connects the jobs that service members performed on the ship with the industries of today.



If you represent a local community education institution in San Diego County and you are interested in collaborating with CFF on bringing greater innovative practices to your educational programming, please contact Jane Schlosberg at

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