Past Achievements

CFF 2010-11 Accomplishments

The Classroom of the Future Foundation works with educators and districts throughout San Diego County, providing a broad range of critical services that inspire students to greater achievement through innovative learning practices.

Annual Innovation in Education Awards

  • Held at the University of San Diego, Hahn University Center
  • 33 Sponsors; 407 attendees
  • Distributed $45,500 in Innovation Awards and High Tech Scholarships

2011 Innovation in Education Awards

  • Inspire award: Exciting Minds and Language Skills Toward Independence, A Program for High School Students with Autism, Escondido High School District (Qualcomm sponsored)
  • Innovate award: Los Pen Academy, Poway Unified School District (EDmin sponsored)
  • Achieve award: Enhancing Instruction Through Technology, Cajon Valley School District, (Mission Federal Credit Union sponsored);
  • Impact award: The Writing Social Network, San Marcos Unified School District, (G Force Global Technologies and Unisys sponsored)
  • Established the CFF Visionary and Outstanding Leadership Award/Todd Gutschow

High Tech Academic Scholarships

  • Distributed to 13 AVID students totaling $21,500

Midway Model Classrooms

  • Continued the partnership with the USS Midway to develop and implement “Model Classrooms” and electronic field trips for Midway University
  • Entered into IV and V phase contracts, valued at $70,000.00 for the services of the Innovation Office, Executive Director and teacher stipends.
  • The project included: innovation teacher input and curriculum development with the Midway U Educational staff, collaboration on pilots for electronic field trips and contact via distance learning.
  • Began negotiations for a Phase VI agreement with Midway U to develop evaluation system for electronic field trips, marketing strategies for San Diego County and California schools, alignment with National Curriculum standards and development of new lessons for distance learning sessions.

Project-Based Learning and Professional Development Program

  • CFF supported Santee school district to provide training and release time for teachers implementing project-based learning strategies.
  • Organized site visitation for representatives, including: CFF Board Member, Brad Williams to visit PRIDE Academy in Santee.
  • Exploring potential pilot program between Santee School District, the San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative and CFF to develop a project-based learning model using nature-based and environmental activities.

STEM/STE(A)M Initiatives

  • Partnered with Emerald Middle School, Lemon Grove Middle School to plan for the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities.
  • Received a $15,000.00 grant from SDG&E to support the Students for Cyber Safety via STEM project at Lemon Grove Middle School and Emerald Middle School. The project will provide support for student leaders to train other students on critical cyber safety strategies activities.
  • CFF was part of the Lemon Grove EETT competitive grant proposal that was funded for $265,000.00 for a 15-month project, Activate Learning to assist all 4th grade students in the district to improve mathematics scores as part of the STEM program. CFF was selected as the project evaluator and will create the assessment activities (CFF will receive $10,000.00 for this effort).

Teacher Innovation Forums Program

Purpose and Objectives

CFF retains and grows a cadre of innovative teachers who advise CFF on timely projects. We know we will be successful when we have a core group of teachers that participate in CFF discussions about innovative projects and we treat and compensate those teachers are professional consultants to CFF.


During the TIME Initiative beginning in 2001 through about 2003, CFF assembled a group of approximately 50 teachers to participate in a requirements study. CFF contracted with these teachers for their consulting efforts, treated them as professionals, exposed them to various technology initiatives, and facilitated their insights on the requirements from the perspectives of a teacher, student, parent, or educational administrator. The resulting study exceeded 100 pages with 287 requirements.

Since then, CFF has recruited and expanded these teacher-consultants to advise on various projects, including the Innovation Awards program, the Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center refresh of educational technology, project-based learning technologies, and the USS Midway model classroom initiative.

These discussions with teachers have complimented other efforts by CFF to engage district leadership, especially Superintendent in collaborating districts.

Implementation Plan

CFF continues the dialog with these teacher-consultants through the CFF Communities web site, and occasional project assemblies. CFF continues to pay teachers a stipend for their professional services as consultants to CFF projects.

Financial Resources / Budget

CFF includes funding for teacher stipends in selected programs, notably the USS Midway Model Classroom initiative. Otherwise, CFF has funded the JRRTC refresh from internal funds.

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