The six innovation labs are located within 35,000 square feet of space, three floors, 17 classrooms, with outdoor classroom instructional space.

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Exploring Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturingVisiting this dynamic and interactive lab provides students with deep exposure to various roles, occupations, machines, and technologies related to advanced manufacturing. Students engage in production, explore machinery, and discover passions connected to their own strengths and skills.

There are also in-class project-based experiences that students will participate in before and after visiting the lab. Students can explore their interest in machinery, work activities, and facets of the industry through career connections, educational models for certifications or degree attainment, internships, job shadows, apprenticeships, industry mentors, skill building, and additional project-based learning opportunities.

Preparing Students for Biotechnology and Health Careers Through Hands-On Experiences

The biotechnology-focused innovation lab will give students a chance to explore and prepare for growing opportunities in biotechnology, with a focus on career exposure, skill building, and hands-on authentic experiences.

Before arrival, students will explore the industry through our online career exploration and planning software, gaining a better understanding of where their interests may align to our thriving innovation biotech economy. In the lab, they step into the role of a local biotechnology professional, engaging in hands-on activities to apply their learning
and build technical and essential skills to better prepare them for the future.

Beyond the lab, students will reflect on their experience and the impact it will have on their career pathway. Optional extension activities for the students include work-based learning activities, including guest speakers, job shadows, and company tours. As the program grows, students may also be eligible to apply for internships or other programs aligned to their lab experience.

The lab space may also be used for educator professional development as well as after school and summer programming as additional curriculum is designed to meet the needs of many audiences.

Learning Through Innovation and Creative Exploration

Design ThinkingThrough their customized lab experience, students will be introduced to and gain an understanding of the key tenets of design thinking by identifying a local or global challenge that will be the subject of their lab experience. They will then engage in a design challenge process that allows them to define, create, prototype, test, and assess a solution, culminating in a pitch presentation for their innovation.

The design thinking lab will serve as a bridge to the future-ready internship hub where students will engage with industry professionals in work-based learning activities.

Equipping Students with the Skills Needed to Navigate the Workforce.

Future ready hubThis lab provides students valuable opportunities to develop essential workforce skills, explore pathways aligned to their strengths and passions, connect with industry partners, and prepare for careers of the future. The lab is envisioned to be a hub of work-based learning and internship opportunities throughout San Diego County.

Students engage in a collaborative, self-navigated project-based learning unit in preparation for the lab visit and to gain exposure to various aspects of work within the sector. The overarching goal of inspiring students to seek further and deeper career building opportunities is maximized in the post experience, which includes career connections, educational models for certifications or degree attainment, internships, job shadows, apprenticeships, industry mentors, skill building, and additional project-based learning opportunities.

Tomorrow’s Tech Professionals Explore the Future of Tech Today

Information and Communication TechnologiesStudents will explore the information and communication technologies (ICT) field through standards-aligned modules and scenarios. Incorporating career and skill assessments, each student is given the opportunity to discover which careers they are most interested in. Through hands-on activities, students participate in activities that simulate real-world problems encountered by ICT professionals, and will develop foundational skills required to build products and solve problems utilizing technology typically unavailable on traditional school campuses.

Students virtually connect with an industry professional to reflect on their lab experience, learn about the skills and experience required to succeed in the ICT sector, and better understand the various ICT career pathways available to them.

Transforming Student Lives Through Creative Teaching Practice in STEAM

STEAM LabThe Middle School STEAM innovation experience provides students with hands-on learning as they design and prototype solutions to challenges faced by San Diego County’s innovation economy.

Before the lab, students will use our online career exploration and planning software to discover how their interests intersect with STEAM careers in San Diego County and learn more about opportunities in our region’s priority industry sectors that are aligned to their interests.

In the lab, students will explore industry driven challenges and design solutions using cutting-edge software and technology to develop prototypes and present their concepts. Students will develop technical and essential skills while getting a feel for what it is like to work in a STEAM career.

These lab challenges will be updated as needed to ensure students have experiences linked to current industry needs. Industry sponsors may have the opportunity to impact the curriculum to pose challenges to students aligned to the objectives of their company.

This space may also be used to support STEAM implementation in districts through teacher professional development and equipment training. Further programming for after-school and summer programming will expand the reach of this lab space as more funding is available.

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