CFF Board Retreat Focuses on the Future of Local Education

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The Classroom of the Future Foundation’s annual retreat back in September proved to be wide-ranging, thought-provoking, and even inspirational.

21st Century SkillsFramework for 21st Century Learning

A video conference with Tim Magner of Partnerships for 21st Century Skills ( delved into what students need both today and years into the future.  Digital learning and collaborative skills, for example, are becoming cornerstones of student needs for academic achievement.

In light of this insightful two-hour videoconference, the board will be taking a fresh look at its mission statement and consider whether to broaden its achievement scope to reflect the evolving needs of students in this century.

Sobering Budget News

The board also learned there is the possibility of mid-school year budget cuts if Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 fails at the polls.  If schools are faced with doing more with less, how can CFF help?

One CFF approach can be to leverage its partnerships with business and technology leaders, helping them deploy their expertise in ways that directly benefit districts and their students in the face of budget cutbacks.

Another is to find new ways to help districts employ technology to save money, improve efficiencies and enhance student achievement.  CFF and others are reviewing comprehensive U.S. Department of Education studies that document effective use of educational technology and recommend criteria for its incorporation into the learning environment. 

Social Media

In a similar vein, CFF’s website, Facebook, and related social media outlets are assuming a greater role.  A CFF community blog filled with local program content is now being developed.  Incentives for Facebook “likes” are being considered and new articles are being posted daily on CFF’s Facebook page.

Recently Santee educator Laura Spencer made a major contribution to CFF’s Facebook page.  She was one of 40 educators selected from around the country by NASA to travel to L.A. and watch the shuttle Endeavor land.  Spencer enthusiastically posted, blogged, and tweeted about her once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We invite you to visit today to LIKE us and become part of San Diego’s #1 online education technology community. Join more than 140 educators in our growing community that shares local and national K-12 success stories, tips, and statistics about technology in the classroom.

Setting Project Priorities

Although CFF’s 2013 priorities continue to be a work in progress, CFF’s collaboration with the USS Midway Museum’s education program, the Cyber Safety initiative underwritten by SDG&E for the second consecutive year, STEM activities, and project-based learning initiatives will continue to be areas of focus.

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